Welcome to 2020

It’s the beginning of a new year and a lot of changes coming to Orchard Forex.

Firstly, we will be merging services from our other sites, fxcharts.net, fxchartworks.com and chartmonitors.com to provide a comprehensive service in one location. You may have noticed that Orchard Forex has been mirroring articles from fxcharts.net for some time and we are pleased that Jim Langlands, the editor of fxcharts.net, will continue to write detailed market analysis ofr Orchard Forex.

We have also introduced a membership model beginning in 2020. All subscribers to fxcharts, fxchartworks and chartmonitors will be given access to the free membership level at Orchard Forex along with everyone who has previously subscribed to or purchased a product from Orchard Forex. The migration process may take a few days so please be patient if you do not have membership access immediately. The membership model will mean that we are better able to provide information, downloads and other services to our followers.

It all begins on January 13 so check back regularly as we update our site.

Thank you for visiting and we will do our best to continue to provide useful and valuable content to you.

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